Who we are

The art of distillation in the heart of the Terre Verdiane area

Distillers since 1945, we are experts in the preparation of a wide array of different distillates, which include Italian liquors, Italian distilled spirits, Italian Grappa, Italian distilled wine, Italian after dinner drinks and infusions. We use only the best ingredients and meticulously carry out production processes at the right time according to the most traditional methods.

Our wine distillation history started in the early 1900s thanks to the resourcefulness of Mario Scaltriti, who at the time was only 21 years old. Spirito Verdiano was born in the post-war years and it was the first farming company located in Roccabianca, within Italy’s Parma province. At the beginning it was situated in an old cheese factory, where the bottling process was still carried out by hand, and the bottles were sold at local markets.

Our distillate production at first only focused on grappa, anise liquor, plum liquor and Italian after dinner liquor. As the time went by, the distillery slowly began to grow and in the 1960s its history merged with that of Roccabianca Castle and its cellars, the perfect environment where to age distilled beverages.

We have a very deep bond with the Terre Verdiane area and to pay homage to it, during those years we opened the Castle to the public.

Our products are connected to the history of their places of origin, to the ‘right time’ to carry out production processes, to the details that make our production special, to the use of locally sourced ingredients, to the names of our Italian liquors and their unique taste.

The Italian liquors manufactured by Spirito Verdiano retain the intense scent of the aromatic grapes used in their production, which are distilled and subjected to a vinification process strictly within the Terre Verdiane area. Their warm flavour fills the palate with harmony and it is ready to burst at every sip.

Today our online wine shop features a wide range of Italian liquors and Italian distilled spirits fermented according to the Classic method.

Distilled wine and grappa by Spirito Verdiano: Grappa di Lambrusco, Grappa delle nebbie, Grappa di Malvasia, Grappa di Fortana, Lunga Attesa, Grappa Gutturnio, il Bargnolino, Nocino, Brandy Torre della Griselda.

Distilled wine and Grappa are unique drinks meant to be shared and tasted slowly, in harmony with the surroundings.