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The Spirito Verdiano Club section is dedicated to HORECA industry professionals, bartenders, club and restaurant owners, managers operating within the catering sector and so forth.

We are glad to welcome you as a Club member: as a member of our community, you’ll be able to discover first our best offers for online Italian wines and spirits.

If you are looking for online wine sale and online liquor offers, Spirito Verdiano Club is the place for you.

We are an extremely well known wine shop within the sector, so we have decided to enhance our offer with a selection of online distillates and liquors that includes Italian spirits such as Nocino, Bargnolino, delicious Grappa and wine distillates produced according to the classic method.

Join our club to access an incredible selection of online distillates and spirits, from simple spirits to the most sought-after bottles.

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The pros of choosing an online wine and liquor wholesale for bars and restaurants

On Spiritoverdiano.it you can purchase large quantities of wine distillates and liquors such as Nocino, Bargnolino and Grappa at wholesale prices.

In the section dedicated to the Spirito Verdiano Club, you have the option to buy Italian liquor online in bulk at wholesale prices, or to buy single bottles of Grappa, wine distillates and liquors.

Our online distillery is one of the best online, providing an incredible range of products at discounted prices.

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Buying Italian wines and liquors online straight from cellars and distillers cuts out the middle man, reducing prices without compromising on quality.


Spirito Verdiano’s products are manufactured according to the ancient art of distillation: that’s why if you’re looking for wine offers online, this is the right place for you.

Fast and safe deliveries

The bottles that you have chosen in the online wine shop will be delivered in a safe packaging to protect them from possible damages.

Free delivery on all orders exceeding XXX euros in total


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On Spiritoverdiano.it you can buy wine, liquor, beer online in bulk at wholesale prices.

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What does Spirito Verdiano Club offer?

Liquor and distilled spirit: online offers


Within this section you will find single offers for liquors such as Nocino and Bargnolino as well as combined offers for our best Grappa and spirits distilled from wine. The best way to buy Italian liquor online.


Grappa and wine distillates: online offers


Within this section you will find special online offers for Grappa and wine distillates. Single-variety Grappa or combined with other types, sold at convenient prices. What are you waiting for?